Friday, December 1, 2017

New Fiction in Heavy Feather Review: "Everything Is Good Here, Too"

Excited to see my story, "Everything Is Good Here, Too" post today at Heavy Feather Review. Thanks so much to Jason Teal and everyone at HFR for the incredible product they put out:

"Everything here is alive, tense with waiting. Every take-out container, every trash bag is quiet in worry. You burrow a place to sleep in your old bed, between Thanksgiving decorations, economy-size paper towel packages, ground-bristled toothbrushes. Every consumer moment of your lives, after your father left, has been preserved, as if the presence of these things provides clues, as if their presence convinces your mom there will never again be loss."

To read more, go here.

Wednesday, November 29, 2017

Writers Roundtable, November 28th, Cockeysville Library

Thanks so much to Meliss Bunce and the Cockeysville Library in Baltimore County for inviting me to participate in their Writers Roundtable with fellow authors Susan Muaddi-Darraj, Lalita Noronha, Rebecca Galli, and Krist Faatz. It was great to listen to other authors' experiences in becoming writers, their routines, and also their unique paths to success. One thing that struck me was how although all of us had always written, none of us had planned to become writers/novelists. And yet the will within us to share our words with others, our experiences, drove us to pursue this path, not for fame or fortune, but for connection. And if we had never been published, or been told we'd never be published again, we'd all still be writing, as the need to examine life in this fashion is stronger than any rewards or discouragement. 

So, if you want to write, just do it. Do it for yourself. You're probably already doing it, anyway. If you get published, that's great, and if not, that's completely okay, too. The journey from your heart to the page is the most important thing. The cultivation of empathy, for your characters and yourself, is one of the greatest results. In many ways, writing makes us human and affirms our humanity.

Saturday, November 18, 2017

Pushcart Nomination for "I'm Such a Slut and I Don't Give a Fuck"

So honored that my story, "I'm Such a Slut and I Don't Give a Fuck," has been nominated for a Pushcart Prize by Smokelong. Congrats also to Tamara Schuyler, Raul Palma, Andrew Mitchell, Gwen E.  Kirby, and Geoff Kronik! Crossing my fingers for everybody!

PS, you can read my story here.

Monday, October 16, 2017

The Summer She Was Under Water Acquired by Black Lawrence Press!

Proud to announce that my second novel, The Summer She Was Under Water (2016, Queens Ferry Press) has been acquired by Black Lawrence Press and will be available in paperback in December 2017. You can preorder now, and I would be so grateful if you did. It's an amazing feeling to have both of my novels (The Tide King, 2013) in the same great family.

New Fiction at Jellyfish Review

Super excited that my flash, "Ghosts," is up today at Jellyfish Review!

After her mother died, my daughter became afraid of ghosts. Not the kind in Scooby Doo, she said, but ones that smother you in the bed, that lurk in the crack of the closet, that drip out of the faucet and threaten to flood the house. The kind that take her mother in dreams. 

To read more, go here

Friday, August 11, 2017

New Fiction at Smokelong

Thrilled that guest editor Sequoia Nagamatsu chose my story "I'm Such a Slut and I Dont' Give a Fuck" for publication this week at Smokelong:

...when it was all stoopid and fun, you were so high, just writing songs for each other. You and your girlfriends taped it on your boyfriend’s four-track so you could play it again later, for a laugh. You had ne’er a thought about the things that would come to define you.

I had been thinking a lot about how for musicians (and often writers, too) may write a song or an album or a novel of ill repute that really connects to a particular group of people during a particular time, and while the musician or novelist continues to grow and over time try to distance herself from it, successive generations of listeners and readers connect with the piece, and in a way, the artist is sort of frozen in carbonite like Han Solo, never allowed to break away from that creation, never able to grow, always tethered to their "opus and curse." Or, if you're the Rolling Stones, you don't give a fuck. 

You can find the story at Smokelong here.

Monday, July 3, 2017

Summer She Was Under Water the July pick at Vibrant Margins!

Excited that my novel The Summer She Was Under Water was chosen as the July selection of the online book-of-the-month club, Vibrant Margins. You can order my book singly through the site or choose a six-month subscription of selected small press titles curated by the Vibrant Margins staff.

Editor Ben Winston talked to me about the writing of Summer at the Vibrant Margins website and about the strain of family relationships:

"I think, at some point in our lives, we’ve experienced strained relationships with our loved ones. And I am familiar with the dynamic of the blue collar family. My twin brother and I, third-generation Polish Americans, were the first in our family to go to college. So it’s often felt like I live in two worlds at times. But I think, while you might grow apart from friends with whom you don’t have much in common any more, you’re always connected to your family, for better or worse. They’re a lot like slinkys; you are all growing at different rates, apart and together, and the spring stretches and contracts continuously, but they’re always connected."

To read more, go here. To order Summer from Vibrant Margins, go here.